Our Mission

179097_399444823447603_134506512_nInsight World Aid (IWA) is a not-for-profit organization of the insight meditation (vipassana) community that seeks to alleviate suffering worldwide. The goal of IWA is to offer volunteer services and resources to impoverished communities throughout the world. IWA provides support to reduce malnutrition, disease, and poverty regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion. Grounded in 2,600-year-old Buddhist teachings, we approach our work with mindfulness, loving-kindness, ethical conduct, compassion, wisdom, and equanimity for others as well as for ourselves. We offer medical and non-medical volunteers the opportunity to apply their intentions, ideals, and skills for the benefit of others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to address suffering in the world.  To this end we aim to offer support to individuals in impoverished communities and to help them achieve the means to support themselves.  In accord with the key Buddhist foundation of non-harming we seek to promote the dignity of all participants while:

  • Helping all participants understand and alleviate suffering wherever it occurs.
  • Providing humanitarian aid in the form of donated goods and volunteer services for underserved individuals throughout the world.
  • Partnering with the global insight meditation community in providing opportunities for socially engaged Buddhist practice.
  • Developing and sponsoring humanitarian aid volunteer trips overseas.
  • Providing support of nutrition, medical care, shelter, funds, and other resources to those at-risk communities.
  • Promoting self-sustaining community services.
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