Sitting in the Fire: A fundraiser for GRIP – Guiding Rage Into Power on Sunday, August 23

Sunday, August 23, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm (PST – California time)

Come and hear from the formerly incarcerated: Lessons from lifers for the rest of us

This is a fundraiser to support GRIP and the critical work they are doing in prisons. All are welcome to come, regardless of your ability to donate, AND we welcome your donations!

Cosponsored by: GRIPInsight World AidInsight Upper MarketMission DharmaSF POC Insight Sangha, and SF Insight

We invite you to join us for this important fundraiser. All details here for the online event!

GRIP is a violence prevention and emotional intelligence life skills program, developed over 23 years of direct work with thousands of incarcerated people, mostly with life sentences for violent offenses in San Quentin State Prison, Avenal State Prison, Deuel Vocational Institution, Mule Creek State Prison, and Correctional Training Facility.

This program offers an in-depth journey where the participants’ are able to understand and transform their violent behavior and replaces it with an attitude of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. To learn more about GRIP, please watch this video.

Join Kim Moore, the Executive Director of GRIP, in a wide ranging conversation with

  • Ericka Huggins – activist, former political prisoner & leader in the Black Panther Party, Ericka is a champion of restorative justice as the antidote to punitive justice and the role of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting social change.
  • Miguel Quezada – is a father to a one year old boy. He works as a community organizer and restorative justice program leader with the Ahimsa Collective. Miguel facilitates both Spanish and English GRIP classes. He was paroled from Avenal prison a year ago.
  • Angel Villafan – is a single father to a 7 year old boy. He has been a trainee facilitator of the Spanish GRIP program for the past year. Angel was recently paroled from San Quentin. He will share what it has been like this past month at San Quentin.
  • Bernard Moss – Peacemaker, expert in violence prevention, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. He is a son, a proud father of 6 and grandfather of 8. Bernard was one of the first to go through and graduate the GRIP program at San Quentin. After he graduated he went on to facilitate three GRIP groups inside. He was granted parole after 28 years and currently facilitates GRIP at two of our state prisons. 

We will get an update on the COVID crisis in San Quentin, learn about the GRIP program and how mindfulness supports incarcerated people, and discuss the structural violence that is being exposed through this moment in history and what it might mean to reimagine the system as one of restorative justice.

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