In 2010, Gil Fronsdal and members of the IMC community created a new non-profit called Insight World Aid (IWA) in order to provide medical and humanitarian aid to impoverished communities. After participating in a number of projects, IWA’s last project was a volunteer medical aid mission in Cambodia in 2013. Some IMC participants in that mission, still visit yearly to continue the work they began then. 

In 2019, IWA was revitalized when Devin Berry, Tara Mulay, Rachel Lewis, and Roxanne Dault joined Gil Fronsdal and Jeff Hardin to serve on the IWA board!

In January 2020, IWA funded two teachers’ full-year salaries at Metta Yuwar School in Kyaikalo Paya, Burma.  The Theravada nuns who operate Metta Yuwar School provide education and care to children with lives of extreme deprivation. Metta Yuwar school has more than 300 students and is in need of more support for teachers’ salaries. IWA is exploring possibilities of providing future aid to this school and potentially other projects in Burma.

IWA’s current fundraising project is focused on supporting The Peace School in Uganda started and run by the Ugandan Buddhism monk, Bhante Buddharakita at his Uganda Buddhist Centre.  Providing meals and education to its 36 students, the Peace School has plans to expand by buying land and building a primary school to serve older students.  Currently, the 12 youngest students at The Peace School are in need of immediate funding for food, uniforms, teacher salaries, and other basic needs. For this purpose, for the Winter and Spring of 2020 IWA has a four-month fundraising campaign for The Peace School.  

IWA also has taken action to support G.R.I.P. (Guiding Rage into Power), a mindfulness-based violence prevention and emotional intelligence life skills program that operates in multiple prisons in California.  IWA is organizing and publicizing a benefit for G.R.I.P. at the San Francisco Dharma Collective to be held on July 18, 2020.

To support IWA and/or its Spring Drive, visit our Donations page.

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