Unsung Heroes

The doctors, nurses and pharmacists of the mission may have received the most press, praise and fame, but the volunteers who provided logistical, emotional and spiritual support made just as much of an impact on the lives of our patients. Here are a few photos of our friends in action….


Ellen Pettit, a psychologist, is offering support to a mother with a frightened child at an orphanage day clinic served by IWA.


Sarah Walters (at the right), a research scientist, is all smiles as she waits to escort a patient to pharmacy.


Therese Strum, an attorney and social worker, amuses waiting children with balloons.


Judy Bietz, a social worker, offers an impromptu English reading lessons to a waiting teenager.


Poorni Otilingam, a psychologist, about to start a session of meditation and stress reduction for patients with anxiety.

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