The grace of Wat Opot

I believe it’s human at times to sit back and wonder as the mind goes to a place called, “why is the world like this.”
Why is this child’s life so difficult. Why was this child given every imagined possibility for joy from healthy parents, to good schooling, and another child born into a world of difficulty right from the start, right from the get-go.

Cambodia is but the mirrored image of our human race. From those living in a civilized country to those in a Third World country. When all is finished we are left with the heart. This heart has greater wisdom then an analytical mind could ever possibly imagine. And yet it is with this wonderful scientific mind that can think beyond possibilities and create medications that will save the life of a one-year-old child picked off the dusty road whose parents recently passed away from the AIDS virus as no one in their family wants to have anything to do with them and they pass through the gates of their new home.

We may often walk down the street in our own country called the USA and ignore a human, a person, a living being sitting on our sidewalks, often homeless and themselves possibly dying.
The story of Wat Opot is much larger then I could have imagined. It’s my story, it’s your story, it’s our story.

It’s the coming together of children who from the outside we may think are impoverished. Though as we were touched one by one, child by child, we fell. We tumbled into a world of grace. These little children opened our eyes and left within us something. There is no name for this something it just is. It will take us time, though we have been watered here. With time the seeds will grow and flourish and bear the fruit.
For now we share in pictures…the children of Wat Opot.











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