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Video From Cambodian News Source About The Mission

Here is a video of a broadcast that covered the mission.  It includes an interview with Dr. Song Tan, the head of CHPAA.  It is in Khmer, but there is still video footage to be enjoyed.

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S-21 And The Killing Fields – A Reflection

Early on in our trip, we visited S-21(the Khmer Rouge’s main interrogation prison in Phnom Penh) and the Choeung Ek Killing Fields where most of those prisoners were sent to be killed. My fellow volunteer and new friend, Chris, wrote … Continue reading

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Team IWA Returns

After traveling 17,000 miles during 16 days, spanning 2 continents, treating thousands of patients, nurturing 60 orphans and experiencing countless adventures the IWA volunteers returned to their point of departure – SFO. We are travel weary but ecstatic about our … Continue reading

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Wat’s Wat

I am now resting back in New Zealand and the rest of the IWA Team are on their way home too. The last time I had written was when we were on our way to Siem Reap. In effort to … Continue reading

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A Day of Meditation

Team IWA concluded its mission to Cambodia with a daylong meditation retreat. 21 volunteers spent the day together in a lovely, spacious apartment in Phnom Penh. The morning was spent in silence with sitting and walking meditation led by Jeff … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes

The doctors, nurses and pharmacists of the mission may have received the most press, praise and fame, but the volunteers who provided logistical, emotional and spiritual support made just as much of an impact on the lives of our patients. … Continue reading

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Presented to the IWA Wat Opot group

Handed to us on our last evening.

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