Wat Opot – No Internet, No Worries

Sorry for the silence! As I know you were informed, the internet at Wat Opot went out shortly before we arrived. It has made it hard to contact our loved ones or post to the blog, but a treat for the volunteers because there is enough stimuli here without WiFi!

I guess I should start with some basics: We are all doing well! Aside from some heat rash and one or two cases of the sniffles, we are all in good health and feeling good. We met tonight to process as a group, and it is clear that we have all been profoundly touched by this experience.

Our days are a perfect mix of structure and chaos. With 51 children age 14 months to 18 years old, it couldn’t be any other way. The stories we can share are abundant, but let’s start with a few photos!


Gee playing catch
Nak to and Adham showing us the pigs!
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