Hello to everyone sharing in our journey from your support to reading our words and to opening your heart. I had never introduced myself apologies. we have been limited internet access at times and at Wat Opot.
I’m Rik Center one of the contributors in writing about our excursion for the IWA group journey here in Cambodia. My interest and support of this wonderful endeavor is part of my spiritual practice and connected to my work in supporting others. I’m the co-founder of the Mindfulness Care Center a nonprofit based in San Francisco as well a being along time meditation/dharma practitioner. My work is around helping others move through difficulties of stress and anxietyand PTSD as a mindfulness meditation teacher, an SE/ Somatic Experiencing practitioner/counselor, and Buddhist/interfaith Chaplain doing volunteer work at San Francisco General Hospital and offering grief & loss counseling and a monthly group.

I’m part of the group going to Wat Opot and supporting the children and orphanage.
Rik Center

Me (looking like Shrek) with the 14 month new baby who just arrived 2 weeks ago with his 3 year old brother and 6 year old. The 6 year old is having difficulty adjusting, yet he is happy having 3 meals a day after only having 1 meal a day. Since we have arrived he is beginning to warm up. He went to Wayne just the other and Emily.

The two brothers walking with Terry and one of the girls. (forgive eon names still trying to remember and get spelling. The 3 year old is Mr. Adam.



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