Team IWA on the Road


Drs. Negrin, Lindenfeild, Wang, Hardin and Solomon on assignment at the mobile clinic. In order to extend the reach of the CHPAA medical, surgical, dental mission small teams of providers are sent out to rural outposts each day. The team had a productive day of treating over 400 patients in a desperately impoverished remote community.


Dr. Rob Negrin listening intently to a patient’s troubles.


Dr. Jeff Hardin fastening a makeshift splint from a piece of aluminum for a man who fell from a palm tree and fractured his wrist.


Dr. Kent Wang injecting medication into a patient’s arthritic knee.


Dr. Paul Lindenfeild examining a patient who is suffering from abdominal pain and headaches.

Stay tuned for more reports from the front lines of the IWA mission to Cambodia….

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